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1. Authored volumes

Annus Iren.       

        Social Realities in the Making: The Structuration of Society and the Constitution of

        American Identity.

        Szeged: JATEPress, 2005.


 Annus Iren, Federmayer Eva and Szollosy Judi.

        Netting America: Introduction to American Culture and Literature.

        Budapest: Ministry of Education, 2006. [E-book].


Build your Hungarian

 Annus Iren.

        Build Your Hungarian I.

        Szeged: Attila József Univ­er­sity Press, 1990, 1991, 1998.


Annus Iren.

        ULTH Preparation Book.

        Szeged: Attila József Uni­versity Press, 1993, 1996.



2. Edited volumes

Mormonism in Europe

Annus, Iren, David M. Morris and Kim B. Östman (eds).

        Mormonism in Europe: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.

        Szeged: Americana E-Books, 2018.


Annus Irén  (Szerk.) - European Encounters: Language, Culture and Identity

Annus Iren (ed).
        European Encounters: Language, Culture and Identity.
        Szeged: JATEPress, 2015. 

Volume V, Number 1, Spring 2009













Annus Iren (ed).

        Religion and the Production of Meaning.

        Special issue of Americana. E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary.

        Vol. V., No. 1 (Spring 2009). Available: